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From a Sucanon user:

“Sucanon has helped reduce my blood sugar readings in the morning and during the day.”

GC British Columbia Canada

Welcome to Sucanon Health

Sucanon™ is a new herbally-based medication that helps the body improve the use of its own insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar levels. The increased sensitivity to insulin leads to decreased blood sugar levels. Sucanon has been shown to reduce the symptoms of Type II Diabetes, including weight gain, fatigue, excess thirst and excess urination.

Sucanon™ has been tested on more than 7,000 people with no adverse effects. Sucanon™ helps to reduce the symptoms of fatigue, weakness, excess thirst, frequent urination and unwanted weight gain so often associated with Type II Diabetes.

Sucanon™ is produced in Canada, packaged in Mexico and is now available online. If you or your doctor would like more information about Sucanon™ , click above on about Sucanon™.


Type ll Diabetes is caused by a complicated interplay of genes, environment, insulin abnormalities (reduced insulin secretion in the beta cells and insulin resistance in muscle cells), increased glucose production in the liver, increased fat breakdown, and possibly defective hormonal secretions in the intestine. The recent dramatic increase indicates that lifestyle factors (obesity and sedentary lifestyle) may be particularly strong in releasing the genetic elements that cause this type of Diabetes.


Type II Diabetes, also known as Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus or NIDDM, affects at least 17 million Americans, and the incidence is sharply rising. A major 2000 US study reported that the prevalence of type ll diabetes increased by one-third between 1990 and 1998 and the biggest increase (70%) was among young adults in their 30s. Type ll diabetes typically has developed after the age of 40. In 1999 alone it rose by 6% overall with an increase of 10% in African Americans. Data indicate that African Americans and Hispanic Americans are particularly susceptible to developing Type II Diabetes.

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