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From a Sucanon user:

When I started taking Sucanon, I lost weight and have maintained that weight loss.

GC British Columbia Canada

About Sucanon

Sucanon is an effective new  medication that helps the body to make better use of its own insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar levels.   People who develop Type II Diabetes typically continue to produce insulin but their cells are gradually losing the ability to absorb and use insulin for getting sugar out of the blood stream.  Sucanon helps the Type II diabetic move sugar out of the blood stream and into cells where it can be burned.  Sucanon particularly helps muscle cells use insulin and thus draw sugar out of the blood stream.

The increased sensitivity to insulin that is produced by Sucanon leads to decreased blood sugar levels and with that, the reduction of a wide range of Type II Diabetes symptoms,  including weight gain, fatigue, excess thirst and excess urination.  The reduction in blood sugar levels also reduces the likelihood of damage to the capillary system in the extremities, including hands and feet --- peripheral nerve damage is one of the greatest risks that Type II diabetics are faced with; the damage caused to peripheral nerves by chronic high blood sugar can ultimately lead to impotence in men and amputation of limbs in both men and women.

As a medication, Sucanon has an herbal component, from dried root of tricosanthis, and an inorganic component based on molybdenum, a light metal.  Sucanon's chemical name is manitolatodimolybdate. 

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