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I'm very happy with the result that Sucanon has had for me. I've found that taking just one tablet a day has been enough to give me good control of my blood sugar.


I was intolerant of Metformin because of GI complaints. In addition it did not budge my glucose, HbA1c or fasting insulin levels. Glyburide caused hypoglycemia consistently. Sucanon has had no side effects and has normalized serum glucose in addition to dramatically reducing HbA1c and fasting insulin levels.

Based on a recommendation from a friend. After about four weeks, my Type II Diabetes symptoms had almost disappeared.
My blood sugar came down and stabilized at a level within the normal range, my energy improved and I was able to stop taking other diabetes medications.
I've now been taking Sucanon for about 18 months. I recommend Sucanon because it has really helped me.

FD, Hidalgo, Mexico
"I have reduced the amount of glyburide that I take. I have lower blood sugar readings in the morning and during the day. I'm not thirsty as frequently as I was and don't need to urinate as often. When I started taking Sucanon, I lost weight and have maintained that weight loss."

MB, Ontario, Canada
Sucanon has helped me reduce my morning blood sugar reading. I've been able to reduce the amount of glyburide that I take and I'm not thirsty as frequently as I was.

AD, Ontario, Canada
"The most important thing about taking Sucanon is the health benefits.... I feel better. An extra benefit is that it allows me to cut back on other drugs that have adverse side- affects on me includig weight gain and less energy."

MB, British Columbia, Canada
I have reduced my use of metformin and, by about 30%, the amount of insulin I use. Sucanon has helped reduce my blood sugar readings in the morning and during the day. I have noticed reduced morning blood sugar readings even when I eat late at night. I have noticed that I have lost weight and generally feel better. Im not thirsty as frequently as I was and dont need to urinate as often. I endorse this product due to the positive experiences that I have had with it.

GC, British Columbia, Canada
Since I have been taking Sucanon I have noticed that I generally feel better and maintain a more steady blood sugar reading throughout the day. Sucanon drops my blood sugar levels by about 20 percent on average. It does not work as quick as other products but that is offset by the safety and lack of side effects of this product.

MH, British Columbia, Canada

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