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Comment s from a doctor

"I was off Sucanon  for a two month period. During that time my fasting glucose averaged 130-145. I also experienced a significant drop in my ability to perform high energy aerobic exercise. I started  back on Sucanon (only treatment) and my fasting sugars now range from 70-100. I am back to running three miles as if it were nothing. Prior to restarting therapy I was exhausted at 200 yards and my muscles ached.

I believe people should recognize that pre diabetes is as serious as a full-blown diabetic condition. At fasting sugar levels of 130 the inability to drive glucose intracellular is clinically apparent. Exercise tolerance diminishes and the body is driven toward lipogenesis instead of lipolysis in an effort to increase energy stores. Even with prediabetes a person will gain weight, experience continuous thirst and reduced exercise potential.

I have had a very positive experience with your product. There have been no recognizable side effects. It is the only insulin sensitizer with this profile. I hope that at some juncture you are successful in achieving FDA approval and a US market.

JB, medical doctor, New York

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